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San Diego Pool Services

Green Pool ServiceSan Diego Pool Services

  • Eliminate Excessive Algae and Bacteria
  • Acid Wash and Chlorine Wash
  • Complete Cleaning
  • Eliminate Mosquito Disease Dangers
  • Avoid City and County Fines

San Diego Pool Cleaning

San Diego Pool ServicesIs your pool green and full of muck? This condition is called “Green Pool” and can lead to diseased mosquitoes or fines from the county and city. We can resolve this issue for you today and restore your pool to operational condition with our San Diego Green Pool Services. The cause of “Green Pool” can be due to a variety of factors including algae, a dirty filter, improper chemistry, high phosphates, high total dissolved solids (the age of the water), high conditioner (cyanuric acid levels), enzymes, and more. We offer routine pool services that include test chemical levels, Alkalinity, water Ph, phosphate levels, calcium hardness, cyanuric acid levels on every visit, which can avoid this problem from the start! However, if your pool already suffers from this condition we can fix it! We eliminate excess algae and bacteria through a complete cleaning that may include a chlorine wash or acid wash. Eliminate dangers to your family or your pocketbook and begin to enjoy your pool again. Contact us today for a FREE consultation!

Keep your family healthy and your pool clean!

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